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Journals fusion. Starting January 01, 2022 the journals mentioned below fuse with JESI and terminate their activity. The issues specific to each journal will be included in the appropriate section of the JESI:

‒ the journal Termotehnica / Thermal Engineering / Thermotehnique, will be included in section Thermal Science and Engineering;

‒ the Romanian Journal of Mechanics will be included in the section Mechanical Engineering;

‒ the Journal Telecommunications will be included in the section Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Computer Sciences and Engineering.



A. Mechanical Engineering
Mircea Radeş
Modal testing of a turbofan case using the LMIF


C. Chemical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering
Dumitra Lucan, Șerban Constantin Valeca, Gheorghita Jinescu
Applying knowledge in the field of structural materials degradation from large pressurized reactors to small modular reactors


Georgeta Alecu, Wilhelm Kappel
Precious metals recovered by urban mining


Adela Elena Manea, Maria Delia Perju, Andra Tămaş
Systems theory and the study of cosmetic products


Ioan Ilca
Theory and practice of asymmetrical longitudinal rolling (Part 2)


Vasile Sima
Numerical solution of stable generalized complex Lyapunov equations


F. Electrical, Electronics Engineering, Computer Sciences and Engineering
Alexandru Lodin, Lacrimioara Grama, Corneliu Rusu
State-space approach for symbolic analysis of an analog passive filter and its conversion to digital filter


Chiper Doru Florin
A new integer algorithm for an efficient VLSI implementation of DST using obfuscation technique


H. Inter – and Transdisciplinarity in Science and Technology
Ionela-Mihaela Roşu (Marin), Cosmin Jinescu, Ion Durbacă, Iolanda Constanţa Panait
Superposition and/or cumulation of loads in the case of linear behavior of matter, solved by a monodisciplinary or interdisciplinary approach


Ioan Cuncev
Transdisciplinarity approaches to mobility


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