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A. Mechanical Engineering

Mircea Radeş
Modal analysis of a simple cyclic system


Constantinescu Dan Mihai, Apostol Dragoş Alexandru
Onset of densification and energy absorption efficiency of polyurethane foams


Bostan Viorel, Guțu Marin, Rabei Ion
Numerical simulation of transient aerodynamic processes in the vertical axis wind turbine rotor


Ligia Munteanu, Veturia Chiroiu, Ciprian Dragne, Cristian Rugină, Polidor Bratu
On the sonification technique


B. Chemical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering

Gyorgy Thalmaier, Silvia Şuta, Niculina Sechel, Ioan Vida – Simiti
Study and research on obtaining porous materials type Al3Ti by sintering reactive


C. Enviromental Engineering and Energy

Bostan Ion, Bostan Viorel, Dulgheru Valeriu, Sobor Ion
Integrated irrigation system with photovoltaic panels and wind turbine


D. Civil Engineering

N. Sirbu
A new approach in evaluation of a spillway capacity preserving the safety requirements


E. Petroleum and Mining Engineering

Carsten Drebenstedt
Responsible mining approach for sustainable development – research concept and solutions



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