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A. Mechanical Engineering
Ionel Staretu, Ion Voicu
New method of sterilization and disinfection of objects infected with COVID 19 and prototype test


B. Thermal Science and Engineering
Ban Alexandra, Bungău Constantin
Estimation of the initial investment cost in systems equipped with heat pumps using regression analysis


C. Chemical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering
Patrice Berthod
As–cast microstructures of HEA designed to be strengthened by HfC


Ioan Ilca, Daniela Miloştean, Ştefan Balazsi
Increasing of rolling mill rolls durability in operation – part II


Justina Georgiana Motaș, Fabrizio Quadrini, Simona-Nicoleta Mazurchevici, Dumitru Nedelcu
OTR and surface-wetting of coated Arboblend V2 Nature sheets


Petru Moldovan, Mihai Buțu, Constantin-Domenic Stăncel
New in-situ composite materials with aluminium alloy matrix (6063) and vanadium boride particles


D. Environmental Engineering and Energy
Liliana Rusu
A MATLAB toolbox for analysis of the environmental matrix in open seas and coastal areas


E. Civil Engineering and Transport Engineering
Muhammad Rizqi Ramadhani,, Rusdiansyah
The stabilization effect of peat soil using an effective microorganism reviewed from CBR Value


G. Petroleum and Mining Engineering
Zisopol DragoȘ Gabriel, Dumitrescu Andrei, Minescu Mihail, Bădicioiu Marius, Călţaru Mihaela
Equipment for quality assessment of the copper pipes and fittings used within natural gas installations


H. Inter – and Transdisciplinarity in Science and Technology
Corneliu Berbente, Sorin Berbente, Marius Brebenel
A possible way to unify the electrostatic (Coulomb) and nuclear (Yukawa) interactions by using a hydrodynamic analogy


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