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A. Mechanical Engineering

Nastasescu, Gh. Barsan
SPH method in numerical calculus of detonation parameters


D.M. Constantinescu, D.A. Apostol, F.A. Stuparu
Polyurethane foam behavior in mixed mode bending


B. Chemical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering

Dumitra Lucan, Gheorghita Jinescu, Alice Dinu, Madalina Stanciulescu, Maria Mihalache
CANDU steam generator secondary side fouling characteristics


C. Civil Engineering

Alexandru Stematiu
Control  of  EPB  TBM  tunneling  parameters  to  mitigate  the  effects  on Dambovita river structures


D. Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Wilhelm Kappel
Energy saving using permanent magnets on the electric machines


E. Petroleum and Mining Engineering

Mohamed Halafawi, Lazăr Avram
Borehole insitu stress stability analysis of RBS-9 field utilizing the inversion technique


Carsten Drebenstedt, Hossein Abbaspour
Scheduling of the location and relocatin of a semi mobile in pit crushing and conveying (SMIPCC) system in mines


Arad Victor, Arad Susana, Samoila Liliana, Teseleanu George
The coal exploitation in the Jiu Valley between the strategic resource and social impact



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