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University Politehnica of Bucharest
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 C. Chemical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering

Dame Assane Kane, Lionel Aranda, Patrice Berthod 

Behavior at 1100°C of nickel–based alloys strengthened by MC carbides with M = Tantalum and Hafnium


Jia-Xiang Zhang, Lei-Yang Zhang, Nai-Xing Wang, Yue-Hua Wu, Zhan Yan, Dumitra Lucan 

NMR studies of rotamers with multi-substituted amides


Andreea Hortolomeu, Ileana-Denisa Nistor 

White wine protein instability: a review


Marian Bobina, Valentin Ordodi, Andrea Kellenberger, Nicolae Vaszilcsin

Expired streptomycin as corrosion inhibitor for carbon steel in acetic acid – sodium acetate buffer solution


D. Environmental Engineering and Energy 

Eleonora Darie, Lucian Pîslaru-Dănescu 

Study on the magnetic field influence around of the overhead power lines regarding the general public exposure level


E. Civil Engineering and Transport Engineering 

Harpalete Ovidiu-Laurenţiu 

Urban mobility scenario evaluation in a post-COVID-19 era


G. Petroleum and Mining Engineering 

Nino Ratiani, Nicolae Ilias, Nana Machavariani, Nana Razmadze 

Assessing construction risk factors and ensuring safety


H. Inter – and Transdisciplinarity in Science and Technology 

Șerban Raicu, Dorinela Costescu 

Mobility – polysemy with interdisciplinary valences


Alexandru Woinaroschy

Interdisciplinarity: artificial intelligence and chemical engineering


Ioan Cuncev

Transdisciplinarity based on Category Theory


Mateescu Carmen

Analysis on disciplines integration challenges for conducting research projects in biotechnologies


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