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A. Mechanical Engineering

Ion Bostan, Valeriu Dulgheru, Viorel Bostan
Analytic description of teeth profile of gears with rollers ab and justification of precessional gear parameters selection a


B. Chemical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering

Andrei Sarbu, Anamaria Zaharia, Anita Laura Radu, Teodor Sandu, Tanta Verona Iordache, Paul Vasilescu, Gheorghita Jinescu, Crina Thea Cojocaru
Polymer inorganic- organic composites- precursors for ceramic powders and products


Marioara Abrudeanu, Gabriel Neacșu, Andreea Elena Roșu, Iustin-Alexandru Popa, Daniel-Constantin Anghel, Vasile Rizea, Daniel Alin Rizea, Mihai Branzei, Gabriela Adriana Plaiasu, Luminita Constantinescu, Cătălin-Marian Ducu
The influence of thermal shock at high temperature on Zy-4 alloy


Teodor Alexandra, Chiojdoiu Alexandru-Florin, Anghel Ion, Panaitescu Valeriu Nicolae
Influence of heat release rate on the temperature of the hot gas layer in closed spaces



D. Civil Engineering and Transport Engineering

Costescu Marian Dan
Autonomous vehicles in mixed traffic: Accounting for human reactions, modelling the Anticipated Safe Distance


Dan Precupanu, Codrin Precupanu
Optimization criteria in the structural elements design for concrete industrial roofs. -Reinforced (prestressed) concrete structures



E. Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Alexandru Woinaroschy
Personal considerations about creativity and artificial intelligence



E. Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Omar Lahchava, Nicolae Ilias
Calculation of railway tunnels ventilation




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