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University Politehnica of Bucharest
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A. Mechanical Engineering

Paul Doru Barsanescu, Nicoleta Iftimie, Rozina Steigmann, Gabriel Silviu, Dobrescu, Narcis Andrei Danila, Adriana Savin
Damage detection of critical zones of wind turbine blades based on the complementary methods


B. Chemical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering

Ioan Ilca, Diana Bistrian
Contributions to the ingots’ heating study in industrial furnaces.


Mihai Ovidiu Cojocaru; Tudor Andrei Coman; Mihai Branzei; Leontin Nicolae Druga
The results prediction of iron oxides aluminothermy


Maria Harja, Elisabeta Hultuană, Nicolae Apostolescu, Gabriela Antoaneta Apostolescu, Ramona-Elena Tătaru – Fărmuș
Viscosity of potassium carbonate solutions promoted by new amines


C. Environmental Engineering and Energy

Anca Duta, Cristina Bogatu, Ioana Tismanar, Dana Perniu, Maria Covei
Vis-active photocatalytic composites for advanced wastewater treatment



E. Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Adrian Adăscăliței, Sebastian Teodor Arădoaiei, Petru Ion Todos, Valeriu Dulgheru
Blended teaching and learning approach applied to electrical and computer engineering education



F. Petroleum and Mining Engineering

Dan Rădăcină, Lazăr Avram
Reverse method for determination of the qualitative wear occurring in the intermediate casing installed in oil and gas wells


Valentin-Paul Tudorache, Niculae-Napoleon Antonescu
Challenges of oil and gas exploration in the Arctic




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