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President of Technical Sciences Academy of Romania
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A. Mechanical Engineering
Mircea Rades
Modal analysis of a circular disc using the QLP decomposition of FRF matrices


Tudorache (Nistor) R.I., Samoila C., Ursutiu D. 
Determination of fatigue resistance for steels treated in thermal different ways


Hesam haji Hosseini Nouri, Mohsen Shahrouzi
Experimental evaluation of compressive strength of steel fiber reinforced soil


B. Chemical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering
Mihai Ovidiu Cojocaru, Mihai Brậnzei, Tudor Coman, Leontin Nicolae Drugặ
Superior recovery of ferrous waste


Ioan Ilca, Daniela Miloştean, Ştefan Balazsi
Increasing of rolling mill rolls durability in operation. Part I


Diana-Carme Mirilă, Denisa-Ileana Nistor
Oxidative study of Acid Yellow 23 using K10-Montmorillonite chemically modified


E. Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Georgeta Alecu, Wilhelm Kappel
Elements of circular economy in the manufacture of NdFeB permanent magnets IN ICPE-CA


F. Petroleum and Mining Engineering
Ayham Mhanna, Mohamed Halafawi, Lazăr Avram
Tackling wellbore difficulties for drilling deviated and horizontal wells


Victor Arad, Nicolae Iliaş, Susana Arad, Marian Ticu, Liviu Popa, Dorin Dragan
Geotechnical research regarding the use of solid mineral tailings from the mining industry in construction, in the context of circular economy


Timur Chis, Renata Rădulescu
The effect of additives on the properties of crude oil


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