VOLUME 5/2020, ISSUE 4


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Editor-in-chief: Valeriu V. JINESCU 
University Politehnica of Bucharest
Co-editor: Florin Teodor TANASESCU
University Politehnica of Bucharest
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A. Mechanical Engineering
Năstăsescu Vasile, Iliescu Nicolae, Marzavan Silvia
Element-Free Galerkin Method and Finite Element Method. Which is better?
Valeriu V. Jinescu, Vali-Ifigenia Nicolof , Iolanda Constanţa Panait
Critical stresses, deterioration and failure criteria for cracked structures


B. Chemical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering

Mohamed Halafawi, Nawar Abdulrahman, Lazăr Avram
External and internal cathodic protection of storage oil tanks


C. Environmental Engineering and Energy

Dumitra Lucan, Șerban Constantin Valeca, Gheorghita Jinescu
Plant Life Extension programs – useful resources for preservation and amplification of Nuclear Power Plants efficiency


Cristian Suteanu
Wind resource assessment system based on time-scale-dependent Roughness



E. Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Georgeta Alecu, Wilhelm Kappel
Technology responsible for sustainable manufacturing



Dorin Luca, Narcis N. Popescu, Dorian D. Luca
Simulation of magnetic transitory parameters at electromagnetic forming of metal sheet


F. Petroleum and Mining Engineering

Grigorov Otto, Anishchenko Galina, Petrenko Nadiia, Strizhak Vsevolod, Turchyn Olha, Strizhak Marjana, Okun Anton, Radchenko Vadym
Testing of hydrodynamic drive of cranes mechanisms




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