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A. Mechanical Engineering

Corneliu Berbente, Marius Brebenel
A comparative study of some models regarding the creation of the early universe


B. Chemical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering

Ana-Maria Sivriu, Gheorghita Jinescu, Olga Sapunaru (Taga), Doinita Roxana
Tirpan, Claudia-Irina Koncsag
Theoretical and practical aspects for thermal treatment of waste vegetable oils


Mateescu Carmen, Nicula Nicoleta Oana, Dima Andreea-Daniela, Lungulescu Eduard-
Enzymatic pretreatment of algal biomass for enhanced conversion to biogas


Anteneh Geremew
Improving the properties of clay soil by using Laterite soil for production of bricks



C. Environmental Engineering and Energy

Gianfranco Chicco, Andrea Mazza
New insights for setting up contractual options for demand side flexibility


Dumitra Lucan, Șerban Constantin Valeca, Gheorghita Jinescu, Maria Mihalache
Romania’s contribution to the development of the knowledge society in the field of nuclear energy research


D. Civil Engineering and Transport Engineering

Atriyon Julzarika, Catur Aries Rukhmana
Detection of vertical deformation in Jakarta-Bandung high speed train route using X SAR and Sentinel



E. Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Mohanad Abdulhamid, Adam Olalo
Implementation of moving object tracker system



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