The Journal of Engineering Sciences and Innovation (JESI), is published four times a year.
Hard copy and on-line version are available. It is free of charge, and – peer review – open access
journal. It covers the following scientific fields:

  • A – Mechanical Engineering.
  • B – Chemical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering.
  • C – Environmental Engineering and Energy.
  • D –Civil Engineering.
  • E – Electrical and Electronics Engineering.
  • F – Petroleum and Mining Engineering.

This journal, at high standards of exigency, published by Technical Sciences Academy of
Romania (ASTR), is opened to the whole scientific community around the world.
The Journal of Engineering Sciences and Innovation is a scholarly journal which publishes
original papers, review articles or technical notes, not published and not being considered for publication elsewhere (excepted the parts of published lectures, review or thesis). The papers may be in the field of engineering, applied sciences, innovative techniques and technologies, papers which explore basic theories and their applications, underlining the impact and the use of the research results upon the design process.
Among the topics readers will discover characterization of materials, advanced materials in
design, design optimization, design methods, case studies etc.
The journal will consider the publication of special issues containing only one subdivision (A, B, C, D, E or F) of the journal, devoted to high-level papers presented at international conferences.
Papers whose content is purely descriptive and do not make any scientific contribution will not be considered.
Each topical issue (A, B, C, D, E, F) is provided with a separate and distinct editorial board. The Editorial Board is interested in topics suggested directly by leading experts, as guest-editors.